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其他题名Quantitative pharmacoelectroencephalographic effects of levetiracetam
李建川1; 张瑞1; 王薇薇1; 吴逊1
关键词吡拉西坦 脑电描记术 癫痫 Piracetam Electroencephalography Epilepsy
收录类别中国科技核心期刊 ; CSCD
文章类型Journal Article
摘要目的 采用药物定量脑电图研究左乙拉西坦对人类脑电活动的影响.方法 12名健康人(男女各6人,平均年龄26岁,平均体重62 kg,平均身高1.67 m)一次性口服左乙拉西坦1 g,分别于服药前,服药后1、1.5、2、3、4、6、7、8、12、24 h采集脑电信号,每次时程均为180 s.将脑电信号按频率分为δ(0.5~3.9 Hz),θ(4.0~7.9 Hz),α1(8.0~8.9 Hz),α2(9.0~10.9 Hz),α3(11.0~13.9 Hz),β(14.0~30.0 Hz)频段.将每次采集的脑电信号选取无伪差部分30 s分频段计算双额,双枕功率值.用Wilcoxon配对法检验药后各时间点功率与药前差异有无统计学意义.结果 服药后双额、枕部α1、β频段功率显著升高,双侧基本对称.服药后α2频段功率在双额部无明显变化;双枕以服药后6 h为界呈双峰样升高.左额部α1频段功率在服药后1.5 h(18.8950,Z=-3.059,P=0.002),右额部α1频段功率在服药后3 h(18.6150,Z=-2.981,P=0.003),左枕部α1频段功率在服药后1. 5、2、3、4 h(分别为61.0233、53.9425、47.6192和51.8250,Z=-3.059、-3.059、-2.903和-3.059,均P<0.01),右枕部α1频段功率在服药后1、1.5、2、3 h(分别为53.5358、56.8092、50.3500和47.1733,Z=-2.903、-3.059、-3.059和-2.981,均P<0.01),左枕部α2频段功率在服药后3 h(73.5450,Z=-3.059,P=0.002),右枕部α2频段功率在服药后1、3 h(80.6808、87.1750,Z=-2.903、-3.059,P=0.004、0.002),左额部β频段功率在服药后3 h(3.8000,Z=-3.059,P=0.002),右额部β频段功率在服药后1.5、2、3 h(分别为4.0408、4.3217和4.1050,Z=-2.903、-3.059和-3.061,均P<0.01),左枕部β频段功率在服药后3 h(9.1408,Z=-3.059,P=0.002),右枕部β频段功率在服药后1.5、3 h(分别为8.9267和9.3033,Z=-2.981、-2.981,均P=0.003)与服药前相同电极比较,差异均有统计学意义.结论 左乙拉西坦对人类的脑电背景活动有影响,且与其他抗癫痫药不同. Objective The quantitative pharmacoelectroencephalography ( QPEEG ) of many antiepileptic drugs (AEDs), such as carbamazepine, valproic acid, phenobarbital and topiramate but not levetiracetam (LEV), have been studied. This study is to investigate the effect of LEV on QPEEG. Methods One dose of LEV at l g was administrated to 12 healthy adults (6 males, average age at 26 years, average height at l.67 m). The EEG samples (of 180 seconds each) were obtained prior to and at regular intervals ( 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 24 hours) after administration of LEV. The EEG activity was processed with the power spectral analysis and separated into different frequency bands. The absolute powers of both occipital and frontal lobes were calculated through 30 seconds epochs without artifacts for each recording. The statistical difference between baseline pre-drug control and each post-drug assessment was evaluated by the Wilcoxon matched-paired rank test. Results The power of α1-band and β-band increased bilaterally over both frontal and occipital lobes after the administration of LEV. There was no change of α2-band over bilateral frontal lobes, but increased in double peaks shape with the low point at the 6 hours after the administration. The power of α1-band showed the significant change after the administration at the 1.5 hours (18.8950, Z= -3.059, P=0.002) in the left front, 3 hours (18.6150, Z= -2.981, P =0.003)in the right front, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 hours (61.0233, 53.9425, 47.6192 and 51.8250 respectively, Z =-3.059, -3.059, -2.903 and -3.059, all P < 0.01 ) in the left occipital, and 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 hours (53.5358, 56.8092, 50.3500 and 47.1733 respectively, Z = -2.903, -3.059, -3.059 and -2.981,all P < 0.01 ) in the right occipital. The power of α2-band showed the significant change after the administration at the 3 hours (73.5450, Z = - 3.059, P = 0.002) in the left occipital, and 1, 3 hours (80. 6808 and 87. 1750, Z = -2.903 and - 3.059, P = 0.004 and 0.002 respectively ) in the right occipital. The power of β-band showed the significant change after the administration at the 3 hours (3.8000, Z = -3.059, P = 0.002) in the left front, 1.5, 2 and 3 hours (4.0408, 4.3217 and 4. 1050,Z= -2.903, -3.059 and -3.061, all P<0.01) in the right frontal, 3 hours (9.1408, Z= -3.059,P =0.002) in the left occipital, and 1.5, 3 hours (8.9267 and 9.3033, Z = -2.981 and -2.981, both P = 0.003) in the right occipital. Conclusions LEV can change the background activity of QPEEG. The changes are different from those of the other AEDs.
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李建川,张瑞,王薇薇,等. 左乙拉西坦的药物定量脑电图研究[J]. 中华神经科杂志,2011,44(1):20-23.
APA 李建川,张瑞,王薇薇,&吴逊.(2011).左乙拉西坦的药物定量脑电图研究.中华神经科杂志,44(1),20-23.
MLA 李建川,et al."左乙拉西坦的药物定量脑电图研究".中华神经科杂志 44.1(2011):20-23.
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