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其他题名Comparison of normal standard value of glomerular filtration rate in different types of SPECT
张旭初; 王荣福; 赵光宇; 李全忠; 张春丽; 赵文锐
关键词肾小球滤过率 放射性核素显像 体层摄影术 Glomerular Filtration Rate 发射型计算机 单光子 Radionuclide Imaging Tomography Emission-computed Single-photon
收录类别中国科技核心期刊 ; 中文核心期刊 ; CSCD
文章类型Journal Article
摘要目的 评价不同型号单光子发射型计算机断层成像(SPECT)肾动态显像测定的肾小球滤过率(GFR)正常值并比较其差异.方法 50名正常志愿者根据年龄(20~29岁,n=14;30~39岁,n=10;40~49岁,n=14;50岁以上,n=12)分为4组,均接受MPR型SPECT肾动态显像,分别测量其分肾GFR值及总肾GFR值,并计算其平均值,与采用GE Starcom 400AC/T型SPECT对33名正常志愿者(20~29岁,n=6;30~39岁,n=11;40~49岁,n=7;50岁以上,n=9)行肾动态显像的分肾GFR值及总肾GFR值进行比较.结果 MPR型单探头SPECT行肾动态显像的50名正常志愿者分组后所得的分肾GFR值分别为(51.03±11.12)ml、(48.44±11.13)ml、(47.79±7.71)ml、(46.54±12.28)ml,分肾总平均值为(48.51±10.50)ml,组内总肾GFR值分别为(102.13±18.33)ml、(96.62±19.90)ml、(95.54±13.04)ml、(92.85±22.83)ml,总肾GFR总平均值(97.04±18.16)ml;与Starcom400AC/T型SPECT所测定的相应组别分肾GFR值[(57.92±9.03)ml、(57.34±10.33)ml、(55.30±8.51)ml、(44.12±7.94)ml]、分肾总平均值[(52.92±10.61)ml],组内总肾GFR值[(115.86±16.51)ml、(113.14±17.71)ml、(110.54±11.13)ml、(88.12±14.41)ml],总肾GFR总平均值[(105.63±18.72)ml]进行比较,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05).结论 不同型号的SPECT的GFR正常值不同,不同型号的SPECT应建立本机肾动态显像GFR正常参考值. Objective To evaluate and compare the normal value of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in different modalities of single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Methods Fifty normal volunteers were divided into 4 groups (aged 20-29, n=14;30-39, n=10;40-49, n=14;50-, n=12). All of the volunteers underwent renal dynamic imaging with MPR SPECT, and single renal GFR value as well as total GFR value was calculated, respectively. The data were compared with GFR values obtained from Starcom 400AC/T SPECT (aged 20-29, n=6;30-39, n=11;40-49, n=7;50-, n=9). Single t test was used to testify the difference of the mean value between the two modalities of SPECT. Results The mean value of single renal GFR in each group of MPR SPECT was (51.03±11.12) ml, (48.44±11.13) ml, (47.79±7.71) ml and (46.54±12.28) ml,while of Starcom 400AC/T SPECT was (57.92±9.03) ml, (57.34±10.33) ml, (55.30±8.51) ml and (44.12±7.94) ml, respectively, and the total renal GFR in each group of MPR SPECT was (102.13±18.33) ml, (96.62±19.90) ml, (95.54±13.04) ml and (92.85±22.83) ml, of Starcom 400AC/T SPECT (115.86±16.51) ml, (113.14±17.71) ml, (110.54±11.13) ml and (88.12±14.41) ml, respectively (all P<0.05). The mean value of single renal GFR was (48.51±10.50) ml and (52.92±10.61) ml, respectively, while the mean value of total renal GFR was (97.04±18.16) ml and (105.63±18.72) ml, respectively (all P<0.05). Conclusion GFR standard value obtained from different SPECT renal dynamic imaging is varied. It is necessory to establish GFR standard value for each type of SPECT.
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GB/T 7714
张旭初,王荣福,赵光宇,等. 不同型号SPECT肾动态显像GFR正常值的比较[J]. 中国医学影像技术,2010,26(1):146-149.
APA 张旭初,王荣福,赵光宇,李全忠,张春丽,&赵文锐.(2010).不同型号SPECT肾动态显像GFR正常值的比较.中国医学影像技术,26(1),146-149.
MLA 张旭初,et al."不同型号SPECT肾动态显像GFR正常值的比较".中国医学影像技术 26.1(2010):146-149.
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