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Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer
Li, Yingrui1; Xu, Xun1; Song, Luting1,2,3,4; Hou, Yong1,5,6; Li, Zesong7,8,9; Tsang, Shirley10; Li, Fuqiang1; Im, Kate McGee11; Wu, Kui1; Wu, Hanjie1,12; Ye, Xiaofei1; Li, Guibo1; Wang, Linlin1; Zhang, Bo1; Liang, Jie1; Xie, Wei1,5,6; Wu, Renhua1; Jiang, Hui1; Liu, Xiao1; Yu, Chang1; Zheng, Hancheng1; Jian, Min1; Nie, Liping13; Wan, Lei14; Shi, Min13; Sun, Xiaojuan7,8,9; Tang, Aifa7,8,9; Guo, Guangwu1; Gui, Yaoting13; Cai, Zhiming8,9,13; Li, Jingxiang1; Wang, Wen2; Lu, Zuhong5,6; Zhang, Xiuqing1; Bolund, Lars1,15; Kristiansen, Karsten1,16; Wang, Jian1; Yang, Huanming1; Dean, Michael11; Wang, Jun1,16,17
关键词Single-cell Exome Sequencing Bladder Cancer Tumor Evolution Population Genetics
WOS标题词Science & Technology
类目[WOS]Multidisciplinary Sciences
研究领域[WOS]Science & Technology - Other Topics

Background: Cancers arise through an evolutionary process in which cell populations are subjected to selection; however, to date, the process of bladder cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in the world, remains unknown at a single-cell level.

Results: We carried out single-cell exome sequencing of 66 individual tumor cells from a muscle-invasive bladder transitional cell carcinoma (TCC). Analyses of the somatic mutant allele frequency spectrum and clonal structure revealed that the tumor cells were derived from a single ancestral cell, but that subsequent evolution occurred, leading to two distinct tumor cell subpopulations. By analyzing recurrently mutant genes in an additional cohort of 99 TCC tumors, we identified genes that might play roles in the maintenance of the ancestral clone and in the muscle-invasive capability of subclones of this bladder cancer, respectively.

Conclusions: This work provides a new approach of investigating the genetic details of bladder tumoral changes at the single-cell level and a new method for assessing bladder cancer evolution at a cell-population level.

项目编号2011CB809202 ; 2011CB809203 ; 2009AA022707 ; ZYC201005250020A ; CX B200903 110066A ; CXB201108250096A
资助机构National Basic Research Program of China (973 program) ; Chinese 863 program ; Shenzhen Municipal Government of China ; Key Laboratory Project - Shenzhen City ; Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Gene Bank for National Life Science ; Innovative Research Team Project of GuangDong ; Guangdong Enterprise Key Laboratory of Human Disease Genomics ; Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research ; Danish Natural Science Research Council ; Shenzhen Municipal Government ; Local Government of Yantian District of Shenzhen
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作者单位1.Univ Copenhagen, Dept Biol, DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
2.BGI Shenzhen, Beishan Ind Zone, Shenzhen 518083, Peoples R China
3.Chinese Acad Sci, Kunming Inst Zool, State Key Lab Genet Resources & Evolut, CAS Max Planck Jr Res Grp, Kunming 650223, Yunnan, Peoples R China
4.Chinese Acad Sci, Grad Univ, Beijing 100049, Peoples R China
5.Wuhan Univ, Coll Life Sci, Wuhan 430072, Peoples R China
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17.Univ Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk Fdn Ctr Basic Metab Res, DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
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Li, Yingrui,Xu, Xun,Song, Luting,et al. Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer[J]. GIGASCIENCE,2012,1.
APA Li, Yingrui.,Xu, Xun.,Song, Luting.,Hou, Yong.,Li, Zesong.,...&Wang, Jun.(2012).Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer.GIGASCIENCE,1.
MLA Li, Yingrui,et al."Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer".GIGASCIENCE 1(2012).
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