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Prognostic power of abnormal cytogenetics for multiple myeloma: a multicenter study in China
Lai Yue-yun1; Huang Xiao-jun1; Cai Zhen2; Cao Xiang-shan3; Chen Fang-ping4; Chen Xie-qun5; Chen Bao-an6; Fang Mei-yun7; Feng Jia-fu8; Fu Wei-ling9; Guo Hai-ying10; Hou Ming11; Hou Jian12; Hu Yu13; Hu Xiao-tong14; Hu Xiao-mei; Huang Li-qiang16; Jin Jie2; Li Jian-yong17; Li Juan18; Li Wei19; Liang Ying-min20; Liu Ting21; Liu Qi-fa22; Liu Yan-hui23; Mao Ping24; Ouyang Jian25; Qiu Lu-gui26,27,28; Qiu Lin29; Shao Chun-kui30; Shi Bin31; Song Yong-ping32; Sun Zi-min33; Wang Qi-shan34; Wang Chun35; Wang Jian-ming36; Wang Yun-shan37; Wang Zhao38; Wu Jian-bo39; Wu Yin-xia40; Xia Rui-xiang41; Xue Yong-quan42; Yang Bao-zhen43; Yang Guang44; Yang Zheng-lin45; Yu Li46; Yuan Zhong47; Zhang Sheng48; Zhang Yin49; Zhao Hong-guo50; Zhao Li51; Zhou Dao-bin52; Zou Shan-hua53; Zhu Yun-feng54
关键词cytogenetics multiple myeloma in situ hybridization fluorescence
WOS标题词Science & Technology
类目[WOS]Medicine, General & Internal
研究领域[WOS]General & Internal Medicine

Background Chromosomal abnormalities have been shown to play an important prognostic role in multiple myeloma (MM). Interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (i-FISH) has been much more effective to identify cytogenetic aberrations in MM than conventional cytogenetic technique (CC). To clearly determine the cytogenetic features of Chinese MM patients and identify their prognostic implications, we designed a multicenter study based on i-FISH including 672 patients from 52 hospitals in China.

Methods All 672 patients were systematically screened for the following genomic aberrations: del(13q), IgH rearrangement, del(p53) and 1q21 amplifications.

Results The analysis showed that the chromosomal changes were detected in 22.1% patients by CC and in 82.3% patients by i-FISH. The most common abnormalities by CC were chromosome 1 aberrations (48.4%), -13/13q- (37.6%), hyperdiploidy (36.6%), hypodiploidy (30.1%) and IgH rearrangements (23.7%). The most frequent abnormalities by FISH was del(13q), which was found in 60.4% patients, whereas IgH rearrangement, 1q21 amplification and p53 deletions were detected in 57.6%, 49.0% and 34.7% cases, respectively. By statistical analysis, -13/13q- by CC was associated with low level of platelet (P=0.015), hyperdiploidy was associated with low level of serum albumin (P=0.028), and IgH rearrangement by FISH was associated with high level of 82 microglobulin (P=0.019). Moreover, 1q21 amplification and del(p53) by FISH conferred a high incidence of progressive disease (PD) after initial therapy. Metaphase detection of IgH rearrangements and chromosome 1 aberrations concurrently was associated with a short progression free survival (PFS) (P=0.036). No significant prognostic implications of other cytogenetic abnormalities were found associated with overall survival and PFS.

Conclusions Chinese MM patients had similar cytogenetic abnormalities compared with the previous reported studies. However, the prognostic significance of FISH aberrations were not clearly determined and further study is required. Chin Med J 2012;125(15):2663-2670

资助机构China Ministry of Public Health
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Lai Yue-yun,Huang Xiao-jun,Cai Zhen,et al. Prognostic power of abnormal cytogenetics for multiple myeloma: a multicenter study in China[J]. CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL,2012,125(15):2663-2670.
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MLA Lai Yue-yun,et al."Prognostic power of abnormal cytogenetics for multiple myeloma: a multicenter study in China".CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 125.15(2012):2663-2670.
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