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其他题名Inhibitory effect of Qingpeng ointment on experimental irritant contact dermatitis in mice and its possible mechanisms
李园园; 李邻峰
关键词青鹏软膏 皮炎,接触性 皮炎,刺激性 十二烷基硫酸钠 细胞因子类 动物,实验 Qingpeng ointment Dermatitis,contact Dermatitis,irritant Sodium dodecyl sulfate Cytokines Animals,laboratory
收录类别中国科技核心期刊 ; 中文核心期刊 ; CSCD
文章类型Journal Article
摘要目的 探讨外用青鹏软膏对实验性刺激性接触性皮炎( ICD)的抑制作用及可能机制.方法 用十二烷基硫酸钠在BALB/c小鼠背部皮肤建立实验性持续刺激性接触性皮炎模型.将小鼠分为6组:模型组(不治疗),治疗组(分别外用100%浓度青鹏软膏、75%及50%浓度青鹏软膏),基质对照组(外用青鹏软膏基质)和空白对照组.连续用药11d.分别在用药第8天及第12天测量小鼠背部皮损厚度及质量,并对皮损取材进行HE染色,计数炎症细胞,用ELISA方法测定血清及局部皮损组织匀浆中IL-2、TNF-α,IFN-γ的表达水平.结果 用药后100%青鹏软膏能明显减轻皮肤炎症和水肿,减少中性粒细胞浸润,第12天血清IL-2 、TNF-α,IFN-γ的表达水平分别为(5.55±0.33)、(70.88±1.55)、(76.99±1.85) pg/ml,与模型组(6.41±0.96)、(76.67±1.14)、(82.20±2.36) pg/ml和基质对照组(6.25±0.92)、(76.95±1.08)、(81.76±3.19) pg/ml相应的细胞因子水平比较,显著降低(P<0.05),100%青鹏软膏组皮损匀浆中IL-2、TNF-α,IFN-γ的表达水平分别为(17.75±0.97)、(66.95±3.58)、(46.85±2.43) pg/ml,与模型组(23.92±0.82)、(70.66±2.68)、(55.14±2.68) pg/ml和基质对照组(23.11±0.82)、(71.17±3.30)、(53.55±3.24)pg/ml相应的细胞因子水平比较,水平显著降低(P<0.05).结论 100%青鹏软膏能降低小鼠ICD模型的炎症反应,并能降低皮损和血清中TNF-α、IL-2及INF-γ的表达水平. Objective To investigate the inhibitory effect of Qingpeng ointment,a topical Tibetan medicine,on induced irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) in mice and its possible mechanisms.Methods An ICD model was developed in 180 seven-week-old BALB/c mice by applying sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS,10% in distilled water) on shaved backs,and the mice were then equally divided into 5 groups to remain untreated (model control),be treated with 100%,75%,50% Qingpeng ointment and vehicle of the ointment (vehicle control),respectively,for 11 days.Thirty-six mice receiving no irritation or treatment served as the blank control.At day 8 and 12 after the beginning of treatment,drill biopsy specimens were gained from induced lesions of these mice and subjected to the measurement of skin thickness and weight,observation of histopathological changes with hematoxylin and eosin staining,and calculation of inflammatory cells infiltrating the dermis; blood samples were also obtained,and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was performed to quantify the expression level of interleukin (IL)-2,tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α and interferon (IFN)-γ in sera and homogenates of skin lesions.Results Compared with the model control and vehicle control mice,those treated with 100% Qingpeng ointment showed an attenuated inflammation and swelling,together with a decreased neutrophil skin infiltration.At day 12,the levels of IL-2,TNF-α and IFN-γ were significantly lower in the sera ( (5.55 ± 0.33) vs.(6.41 ± 0.96) and (6.25 ± 0.92) pg/ml,(70.88 ± 1.55 )vs.(76.67 ± 1.14) and (76.95 ± 1.08) pg/ml,(76.99 ± 1.85) vs.(82.20 ± 2.36) and (81.76 ± 3.19) pg/ml,respectively,all P < 0.05) and homogenates of skin lesions ((17.75 ± 0.97) vs.(23.92 ± 0.82) and (23.11 ± 0.82) pg/ml,(66.95 ± 3.58) vs.(70.66 ± 2.68) and (71.17 ± 3.30) pg/ml,(46.85 ± 2.43) vs.(55.14 ± 2.68) and (53.55 ± 3.24) pg/ml.all P < 0.05) in mice treated with 100% Qingpeng ointment than those in the model control and vehicle control groups.Conclusion The 100% Qingpeng ointment can suppress the inflammatory response in experimental ICD in mice,with a decrease in the level of IL-2,TNF-α and IFN-γ in sera and skin lesions.
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GB/T 7714
李园园,李邻峰. 青鹏软膏对小鼠实验性刺激性接触性皮炎的抑制作用及可能机制研究[J]. 中华皮肤科杂志,2012,45(9):650-654.
APA 李园园,&李邻峰.(2012).青鹏软膏对小鼠实验性刺激性接触性皮炎的抑制作用及可能机制研究.中华皮肤科杂志,45(9),650-654.
MLA 李园园,et al."青鹏软膏对小鼠实验性刺激性接触性皮炎的抑制作用及可能机制研究".中华皮肤科杂志 45.9(2012):650-654.
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